Is it possible to buy next bonds?

Unfortunately, not. During the November 2017 we sold the last 100th bond we had issued so we sold in total bonds worth 10,000,000.00, - CZK. We do contemplate next issuance of bonds at the beginning of 2019. However, in case you trust us, nothing is easier then contacting us, telling us how much you would like to invest and for how long. If we find an interesting investment opportunity during the 2018 and we would need third party financing, we would as soon as possible contact you, so we could discuss individual conditions.

How did you reach the 191% return on a property in Udolni Street in Jihlava?

As stated on the homepage of the site: "There are many investment opportunities in the Czech real estate market that a lot of people overlook." This was one of them. Currently, we are reconstructing others and we cannot wait to start selling them. In 100% of cases, we are buying real estate that is offered to public, there are no "underselling deals, auctioning, no executions, insolvency, speculation..." We buy real estate that any of you can buy. The only thing that distinguishes us is the angle of view that we use for buying, reconstructing / building, valuing, and subsequent selling.

What is the procedure for the sale of real estate bonds?

Start by reading "Emission Conditions". You can buy bonds in two ways: over the Internet or in person. In the case of a personal purchase, we will meet at our office at Novákových 32a, Prague 8. We will sign the "Agreement on Subscription of Bonds", as soon as you pay the purchase price by bank transfer or in cash, the bonds will be handed over to you personally. In the case of internet purchase, you sign the contract by yourself at home, send it to us by post, and after paying the purchase price we will send you the bonds by post to your address.

What is the difference between your bond and the municipal bond?

The investment into municipal bonds is very stable and safe. On the other hand, the government does not invest the obtained financial means in the same way as a private company. The municipal bonds provide the holders with the security of deposit. However, the profit is different (currently 0,1 - 1% p.a.). We invest your money in different real estates with high profit potential, and thanks to that, we are able to guarantee you much higher appreciation of your investment, currently as much as 7% p.a.

What is your investment strategy?

There are two different ways: The first one is construction of new houses for residential living on our land. We then sell the house to end costumers. The other way is to find neglected real estate in bad condition. We undergo thorough technical and legal analysis of the property and the surroundings as well. We appreciate the real estate by means of reconstruction or rent out it with a profit of at least 9% p.a. Consequently, we sell the real estate with a profit. We are trying to achieve real “flipping” where we do not own the real estate more than 24 months.

Why do you not finance your own projects by your own financial reserves or by mortgage?

Naturally, we use our own resources and mortgages for the sale and for reconstructions of the properties as well. Nowadays, it is mainly a question of speed to buy a property – who has his/her own resources is able to surpass clients who would be forced to finance the purchase by mortgage. So, the main principle is that thanks to your money, we are able to have higher equity so we can afford to buy much larger and more lucrative properties which would be currently impossible without bonds. READ OUR ARTICLE ON THIS TOPIC.

Why have you issued bonds in value of 10,000,000 CZK?

That is the exact sum which gives us reasonable sense for upcoming 2 years and we do not need more money currently. Our goal is to use the money immediately for purchases, reconstructions, and construction of properties. At the time of issue, we had no idea whether there was going to be a demand to buy our bonds or not. If we would issue, for example 25,000,000 CZK and we would immediately sell all of them, we would not be able to use the whole sum properly and we would be forced to pay an interest rate of 7% p.a.

What is going to happen to my money if the company 2M INVEST goes bankrupt?

We cannot imagine this situation for many different reasons. The company, 2M INVEST buys properties which are valued only below market price and we reconstruct them immediately to increase their market value. Fixed expenditures of the company 2M INVEST are only the rental of our offices (17.000, - CZK). We do not have any other monthly expenditures, so it is simply impossible to fall into insolvency. Reconstructions are made by the company CH-CAPITAL, whose owner and executive director is Martin Charvát – co-owner of 2M INVEST. The properties are a liquid commodity – it is possible to sell them almost anytime and in any condition so to cover the debts. We were able to achieve profit from 20% to 191% in previous investment projects. It would be no problem to sell any property without profit only to cover the costs of purchase price, reconstruction, and 7% interest rate. If it would be necessary, we would pay debts of 2M INVEST from our own money, which we would lend to 2M INVEST. Loss of your money is completely out of the question. The whole company stands on our good names, so we cannot afford to make a mistake.

What did you invest in during 2016 and 2017?

In 2016, we bought two family houses. One in Hovorčovice near Prague, the other in Jihlava. At the beginning of 2017, we bought three building plots in Jihlava, where we have started building low-energy family houses this year. We also bought an investment apartment 2 +1 in Prague 9, which we will hold and rent for a year, then we will reconstruct and sell it. We are also reconstructing a family house in Mratin near Prague and we are selling a real estate investment property in Jihlava.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of investment?

The minimum investment amount is CZK 100,000. In the case of a one-time investment of more than CZK 3 000,000, please get in touch with us personally. We are able to offer you individual conditions and a higher appreciation of your investment.

Is there any entry fee, management fee, or tax linked to purchase of the bonds?

When you purchase a bond, you pay no "entry fee", nor will we require a "management fee" for the entire 2-year period. Remember, however, that natural persons must pay a 15% income tax under Section 10 of the Income Tax Act whereas legal persons are subject to a 19% income tax under Section 7 of the Income Tax Act In other words, the net yield is 5.95% p.a. (natural persons), and 5.67% p.a. (legal persons).

How do I know that I will not lose my investment?

We invest your money exclusively in real estate. There are no stock markets that can slump every day. Before each purchase, we perform a detailed analysis of the property and location. We calculate the cost of the reconstruction with a considerable gap. We predict the sale price of the property after the reconstruction and always count on three variants: Negative, Average, Positive. As soon as the Negative variant of our business model gets into black numbers, we buy the property. Other tools for eliminating risks are represented by the diversification of the real estate portfolio and our previous experience in this field.

Did you lose money with some of the previous investment properties?

No. Our lowest ROI (return on investments) never fell below 20%. This is based on our strategy and detailed calculations, before the actual investment.

How are your bonds secured?

Our bonds are secured by the purchased real estates, which we immediately reconstruct - so we immediately increase their real market value.

Are you registered with the Czech National Bank? Where can I find the prospectus?

Due to the fact that our issue of securities was issued at a nominal value of CZK 10,000,000, i.e. less than EUR 1,000,000, we have no legal obligation under Section 34 (4) G) of the Capital Market Undertakings Act to publish a prospectus for issued bonds and not to be subject to obligations in connection with the public offer of securities.





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